Steve appeared on Earth in 1964 just outside the industrial city of Freeport,
Texas. While the name Freeport summons up Bahamian visions of white sand,
blue water and palm trees, the Lone Star version features murky waves, tar balls
and scrubby salt grass fields full of rattlesnakes. He thrived in this often
dangerous environment, made stronger by the trials of daily life amid chemical
plants, gun shows and hurricanes. He worked a dizzying array of unusual jobs,
building a portfolio of diverse experiences that would serve him well in his creative
endeavors. In the early 80’s he and his brother left the Gulf Coast behind for the
metropolitan towers of Houston.

His brother set out on a successful career as a photojournalist and Steve trained
in the Arts, a path that led him to Austin and the (then) budding field of video
game development. He spent a couple of
decades designing games, always at the
forefront of the industry as it surged from
“garage developers” to the multi-billion dollar
entertainment industry it is today. Along the
way he collected an armful of awards and
citations in the field, including the first ever
British Academy of Film and Television Arts award for Interactive Fiction. Recently
Steve earned his second BAFTA for his work on Arkane Studios' "Dishonored".
Good Morning Daisy
Steve & Holly Powers
Steve Powers
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After moving to Austin he was graced by the discovery of
Holly Poe in San Marcos. After meeting her they learned of
their “Lost” style history, having grown up on the same
street, on the same block, in the same small town at the
same time without ever having met until moving to Central
Texas. They even knew many of the same kids on the block.
They are now in their 16th year of marriage and three cats
crowd their couch with them on movie nights; Daisy, Hiro
and Willow.

As the film and game industries spiraled around each other
Steve often crossed over into the movie-making aspect of
his career, and when he hit 40 his actress/sister-in-law Misty
Poe introduced him to his first acting class. He began to
feed his storytelling need with acting. He is always involved
in some acting endeavor be it film or writing. When not on
the set, in the classroom or on stage, Steve writes, directs
and acts in projects with his close team of filmmaker allies.
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